Cheap Shared Hosting Vs Dedicated Server Hosting

When you go for choosing web hosting solution provider and web hosting package then there are several options available. After finalizing the services provider, next step is to choose one web hosting type out of many offered by almost every web hosting companies. out of all hosting types shared and dedicated server hosting are primary considered in according to website type like small or large.

What Shared Server Hosting offer –

It is a very economical or cheap web hosting type, work for small & medium sized websites and taken by majority of users. Shared hosting generally costs you $4-$5 per month. The hosting features it includes like bandwidth, HDD and other resources in less amount as compare to other hosting types. Share hosting offer bandwidth with the amount ranging from 1GB to 20GB per month. It also offers limited number of email accounts, FTP accounts, Sub Domains etc. You can also select for the platform that you want for your server like Linux, Windows, Java etc. With all these features some web hosting providers also offer some free applications like Fantastico, Softaculous etc.


What Dedicated Servers Offer –

Dedicated servers offer lots of advantages although they are much more expensive. One of the most advantage is that entire server is dedicated to you only that you can customize your server hardware and software applications as per your website demands. You are provided full control over your server. The server costs you at least $50 per month and  depending upon the needs you may upgrade your server that will increase server cost up to 200$ per month. In dedicated server as server is all yours, ensures you high performance, security and reliability. It is a good option for you if you have a large website and financially strong to invest on server.

dedicated serverSo when you are done with the complete analysis of your website requirements you can make out the decision between the cheap shared hosting and dedicated server as a expensive option but ensures for higher performance.

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Budget Dedicated Server Hosting

When you first make your business or website online, You most likely go with a shared server and once your website has grown up to a level it starts lowering down in performance because a shared server can’t handle lots of request at a time. This is the time when you look for a dedicated server to upgrade your website performance that is much more costly option as compare to shared hosting.

There are lots of web hosting providers in market that are offering  dedicated server with different features and cost. But it is very overwhelming to search for a budget dedicated server hosting. Budget dedicated servers costs you less in comparison to larger dedicated server in terms of start up setup cost, monthly maintenance fee etc.

Dedicated Servers India _ Dedicated Server Hosting Services _ HostRightNow - 2013-12-04_19.26.46Before selections for a budget dedicated server hosting, you need to ensure about the web space, bandwidth and customer service offered by web host. if you are confused about selection of web hosting plan and web hosting company, you may speak to many different web hosts via phone and get to know about offered plans as per your business needs and you may also get to know about their customer service skills when talking them on phone.

When you find a web host that is knowledgeable, helpful and offers budget dedicated servers as per business needs, you can sign up. Budget dedicated server is a smarter option that allow you to have your own server with much more space, bandwidth and resources. This can be well worth option if you want to expand your website without spending much money.

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Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

A web hosting company offers several web hosting options such as shared, vps, dedicated etc. But dedicated server hosting has become widely popular, it provide a variety of features with highly configured server resources, dedicated to you only.

If you are expecting to receive a large number of traffic and your website uses heavy files like videos, images, pdf etc then it require to be hosted on a server that is highly configured and have significant resources for higher performance and large data storage.

Dedicated Servers India _ Dedicated Server Hosting Services _ HostRightNow - 2013-12-04_19.26.46Below are the advantages associated with dedicated server hosting:

  • Reliability: The main benefit with dedicated server is that your website performance is well due to higher server uptime as there is no other user to share web space or other valuable resources that affect website performance. All the resources are at disposal to one client.
  • Bandwidth: You go with a dedicated server as you expect large number of traffic on website. When many visitors visit your website at a time then data transfer speed goes slow. A dedicated server offers large bandwidth so that a large volume of visitors can be easily handled.
  • Customization: With dedicated server, hosting company provide you full access to control panel as you are the only owner of server. You can do whatever modification you want to do in terms of software/application installation, configuration, up gradation etc. With the root access to the server you can monitor server performance and evaluate number or level of resources you use.
  • Higher Level of Security: With the root access to server you can install any type of security software/ application you want, to enhance the level of security.
  • Advanced Technical Support: Web hosting companies takes dedicated server clients to higher priority and have technical experts to monitor server and related issues.

Apart from these, a dedicated server has several additional that keeps your website speed or performance higher. If you go with managed dedicated server hosting services then your web hosting service provider perform tasks for you such as full server management, data back-ups, OS update, server monitoring, rebooting, software and applications installation & troubleshooting whenever required.

If you are looking for a best web hosting option for your business website then do not compromise and , just go for a affordable and managed dedicated server hosting company in India or at other location.

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Are you looking for best company to buy dedicated server in India?

Best Dedicated server in India is fit hosting solution for business owners. With the help of dedicated servers business owner can manage resources through own setup. Apart from this you don’t have worry regarding interruption from other websites on same server as you have own server. Although you host your another business website but you will stay assure about security and privacy of web data that present on your website. No doubt, it is wise idea to go via dedicated server hosting and protect your business.


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Overview of Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is a type of internet services. When you require more resources such as bandwidth, RAM, HDD for your large website or application then it is necessary to setup your own dedicated hosting web server  that is purely dedicated to you only, not shared with any other client. As server is not shared with any other user, all server resources are at disposal for you only that results in higher server performance, higher security, incredible server response time and much more!

dedicated server2

For most of the business their online presence is the key sources of their income. As website grows, it gets more traffic at a time then your website require higher server configurations, priority support, higher security of your data and more! Dedicated server hosting is the best available solution provides higher stability, reliability and run your website with greater efficiency.

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